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Welcome to the art of overachieving. 

The Carbon Series represents over 6 years of research and product development that culminates into a speaker that is engineered and designed in the light of over performing far beyond its stature. 

C72 Specifications 

  • 45 Hz - 20 kHz @ +/- 2.5 dB

  • 89 dB @ 1 Watt @ 1m, Full Space 

  • 4 Ohm nominal  

  • 10 - 150 Watts Recommended 

  • 31 Hz port tune frequency 

  • Hardware: 7 inch midbass x 2, 22 mm dome tweeter 

  • Furutech binding posts 

  • Solen & Mills crossover: Litz inductors 400V capacitors 

  • Non inductive resistors 


Physical Characteristics

  • 44 inch tall

  • 12 inch wide taper to 8.25 inch at the back 

  • 9 inch deep cab

  • 11 inch deep base 

  • 55 lbs per unit

  • Adjustable feet with snap on/off pads that double as carpet spikes and hard surface feet.

  • Port is a rear transverse down firing slot. 


Carbon Colors and Patterns available by Composite Envisions. 

Available in satin or polished carbon.

The finish is clear satin on carbon/birch composite or polished carbon.

The carbon is a structural member that compresses the enclosure from the outside and the stiffness of the enclosure increases the ability to project sound through increased system efficiency which provides superb spatial tracking and movement of sound through the room. 

Space adjustment to the wall will help tune the bass by warming it up or tightening it up. Tune by physically moving and adjusting to taste. 

Tweeter offset can be switched inside to outside for high frequency reflection control preferences. 

These speakers are not designed to industry standards, they are designed beyond the industry standard.

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