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Harbottle Audio Ltd. endeavors to only work with reviewers that publically state and abide by a Journalism  Ethics and Standards code as published by the governing body of journalisim within the country or countries they are distributing media to. Failure to produce a published ethics code that is attached to the reviewer will call into question the validity of any unsolicited review and documentation of the information and meaurement gathering methodology, conclusions drawn, and secondary information sources may be requested.

Before publishing  any work, we encourage the reviewer or media personality to act in accordance with journalisim ethical standards and reach out to Harbottle Audio Ltd. to ensure accuracy of statements made and measurements taken. This will easily prevent any misrepresentation issues and unwanted retractions.




Consumer reviews (verified consumers) are protected by US Public Law 114-258, bill H.R. 5111.

Despite being a Canadian corperation, we do see value in supporting verified consumers in promoting the truth of their experiences.

In light of an honest review, we encourage any and all consumers of Harbottle based products to reach out to our certified representatives or our head office for help and assistance in set-up and support, as this will shed valuable light on our company standards and infastructure.

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