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Giveaway Post #2

We have finalized our giveaway for the end of December!

Our prizes include:

One pair of Caffeine Cables made by Harbottle. Here is the link to a little video I shot showing how to shape the ends to the exact shape that you want so the cable lays in the position you want. How exciting is that!!

Since we could not get any coffee brewing sponsorship, we went out and bought the original French press, a Bodum bistro kit with two coffee tumblers.

We have a ton of swag from ZMF headphones and our friends at Decibel Audio in Chicago are in the mix with some seriously comfortable shirts.

Now for the COFFEE...

Our pals at High Horse have been our go to for a long time. We provide custom gift packs for our clients and most people love coffee, so High Horse has been in the mix for a while now and they are always a big hit.

Now we have a addition to our coffee roster, Rebel Bean. We dove into some of their coffee over this weekend and I have to say that their approach is totally awesome. Complex favor profiles and excellent quality. Safe to say, I think Rebel will be in our camp for quite a long while.

We are asked why we are doing this combo giveaway as a manufacturer, and why Caffeine Cables are not available to buy.

The reason is audio is because cool, and we like to listen to music in a comfortable shirt and enjoy a cup or a glass of something to round out the moment. Its the moment that matters, and making that moment enjoyable and refreshing makes audio better.

So we got together with brands that feel the same way and built a giveaway that reflects that. We are even reviewing the coffees from our roasters! Check out the our reviews on instagram.

Details of our giveaways:

We don't believe in things that are not cool. So to make our giveaways cool, all you have to do is sign up to our website and you are automatically entered to win every single contest or giveaway we host, for as long as we are in business. And as if that wasn't cool enough, any shared content that has us tagged in it will also count as additional entries.

Be sure to sign up for the coolest giveaways ever.

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