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Prototype Offers

At Harbottle, we prototype everything, even finishes. This is because we believe in providing a direct pipeline to the roots of our company, which is giving everyone a fair shake.

  • All product is guaranteed to perform as per LDLC standards, and those standards serve as guarantees of our work and the performance of the product.

  • All product is already proven in concept and as been run in various applications, so risk is simply non-existent.

Below is a full list of prototypes available for purchase.

Quantities available for sale are listed with each offer.

To discuss these offers in more detail, please contact us.


  • 6 units available

  • Passive subwoofer

  • 21 inch driver

  • 5-120 Hz

  • Size to be determined

  • Finish is a raw plywood box

  • Shapes available:

  • Cube

  • Shallow and Tall/Wide

Polished Carbon

  • 6 units available

  • We are offering 6 polished carbon speakers up for prototyping

  • The finish is subject to prototype work however with the support from 3M we are confident that the finish will work well


  • This is a pair of dual 12 inch subwoofers with rack amp.

  • 2200 watts rms per driver

  • 5200 watts peak per driver

  • 20,800 total power

  • Can run up to 10 AWG cable

  • Cables are available by request

  • This is not a weak or small subwoofer and requires appropriate mains power to run the amp - 240VAC on 20-30 amps mains power.

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