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Ridge Group Buy

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Ridge is the brand name of Harbottle drivers, and we have a special offer on a group buy/pre buy for 3 sizes, 21 inch, 18 inch, and a brand new 15 inch, all fronting the M2 underhung motor. Within each size there are 4 variants making 12 possible selections for getting your subwoofer system really dialed in. During our last couple of years we have found that there are a lot of people that want the performance of a 18 in the package of a 15, so we listened and delivered

Because of the unique way we design and build (LDLC), these 4 variants per driver size are geared towards the end users system design. This means that you can optimize your amp, your box, and your DSP for exactly what you want in your preliminary design work given that you know the variables of the box and amp. Yes, that's correct, if you know what you have for an amp and what it does, you can actually predict what the resulting system will do within a relatively narrow margin. How's that for cutting guesswork?

So use the How-To section of our website, sim and design, dive into the implications of the Xmax Guarantee being the bare minimum LDLC standard.

LDLC is powerful stuff, and awesome, and radical.

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