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Remote Tune

The purpose of this service is to allow the customer to get the absolute most out of their system, and in most cases this results in very large increases in performance of up to 20 dB or more in cancellations through the affected crossover region is regained.

Measurement System

We recommend a measuring system that can perform perpetual live measurements, like the Dayton Omnimic V2.

This means that the sine wave will repeat continuously without stopping. This eliminates the "stop-start" aspect to the process and saves our customers a lot of time.

Note: Harbottle Audio is not affiliated with Dayton or Parts Express in any way. Their system just works well for set up applications.

Harbottle does not provide microphones or measuring equipment. However we do encourage exploring new and used markets for equipment that suits your needs.

Due to program complications and restraints, Harbottle Audio does not tune using REW.

Funk Audio

If you own a Funk Audio product, please check your invoice to see if your purchase includes the tuning service.

If your purchase does not include a tune, please contact us for a quote.

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