Ridge OEM Drivers

We have hundreds of combinations of drivers available to build at request. 

To order your drivers, contact us with your design goals and aspirations. We will work with you to come up with a driver that will fit your application while maintaining LDLC standards.

The process is actually quite simple:

  1. Tell us what room size you have

  2. The SPL goal you want at what frequency range (or described as best you can)

  3. If you prefer ported or sealed

  4. What you plan for amplifier power

  5. We will get back to you with 2-3 options in quote form

As this level of service is open to the public, it is also very much a OEM/manufacturing level service at the same time.

Speaking of OEM, we can color and laser etch your dustcaps to suit your taste.


Pricing is based on the driver and quantity ordered.