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Harbottle Audio guarantees that all Harbottle drivers can achieve Xmax while maintaining LDLC engineering standards for sound quality, and by extension, any simulation conducted at Xmax that is representative of the finished product (within a narrow margin of variance between the simulation and the finished product) can be considered accurate and dependable.

The sole purpose of this guarantee is to remove and reduce variables so that the design process becomes more accurate and system limits are more clearly defined. This guarantee then serves as the design limits of the driver given other systems variables; enclosure, DSP, and amplifier. 

Provisos, Exceptions, and Caveats for DIY and Mobile audio driver units:

  1. The simulation and all of its parts must be representative of the finished product for the simulation to be considered reliable.

  2. The enclosure, amplifier and DSP settings are to be verified at the discretion of the customer or client.

  3. Simulations assume zero amplifier compression and infanite box stiffness; this guarantee only covers the driver.

  4. Without amplifier verification, the guarantee will go as far as the reduced limits of systems design variables.

  5. Without enclosure verification, the guarantee will go as far as the reduced limits of systems design variables.

  6. Without DSP verification, the guarantee will only go as far as the reduced limits  of systems design variables. 

  7. The safe margin of each driver is dependent on the system as a whole. Do Not expect the driver to run past Xmax and up to mechanical limits without risk of damage. Failure to provide safe limits on your system does constitute abuse and misuse.

  8. Running any driver up to or past Xmax on sine sweeps or waves for testing purposes is not without risk. The customer or client is responsible for determining safe testing procedures and methods. 

  9. Proper system set up and quality factory tuning practices without the effect or reliance on room reinforcement and room gain is a standard operating procedure in speaker design, and so it is considered a key process. Harbottle encourages this process emphatically.

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