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Shipping and Delivery

  1. Shipping quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

  2. Harbottle Audio reserves the right to change or alter the terms of the shipping quote or the quote itself.

    • ​The quote may increase or decrease due to market fluctuations.

  3. Duties and Customs fees are not included, please check with your government import agency for import fees​.

  4. The customer is responsible for clearing access to the delivery door. If the pathway to your door is not clear and free from obstructions, your item may be delayed or not delivered. 

  5. We buy Door to Door delivery service. DO NOT ASSIST THE DELIVERY PERSON.

    • If the delivery person can not complete the delivery by getting the shipment to your door or is not using the proper equipment and is struggling, they are the ones that have to rectify the situation, not you.

    • If they are being stubborn and/or looking hopeless and ask for help, remind them that the conditions of the service bought by Harbottle is Door to Door delivery and the laws that govern workplace safety dictate that they need the correct tools for the job.

    • Delivery services have policies that determine what kind of truck and piece of equipment is used for any given size and weight and delivery location. 

    • The weights and measures are provided so their company should provide the tools needed to complete the work as per the waybill or their dispatcher should reroute the delivery to a unit (truck) that is equipped for the work.

    • Government work laws are there to protect the worker. If they are ill equipped for the work and it is obvious, speak up out of concern for their well being.

    • If you interfere with the delivery, you may be held liable for the well-being of the delivery person in that you technically are assisting them in a way that prevents them from doing their job according to the workplace safety laws and the policies of their employer. 

  6. ​All shipments must be inspected at the time of arrival.

  7. Obvious damage must be reported within 48 hours and the package must be refused.

  8. Non-obvious damage or performance issues must be reported within 15 days.

  9. Damage of any kind or performance issues reported outside the stated time frame will not be taken into consideration.

  10. Satisfaction is defined as the product conforming to LDLC and delivering the performance stated within the product description.



  1. 4 Year non transferable.

  2. Warranty issues are determined by the sudden drop in performance and are subject to thorough examination by the manufacturer.

  3. The customer is responsible for return shipping and insurance costs for warranty examination: if the item is determined to be faulty due to manufacture error, the customer will be fully reimbursed the incurred shipping costs. If the item is found to be sound and in working order as per the intended design, the customer will be charged shop rate for diagnostics plus shipping costs inclusive of all applicable taxes. 

  4. Warranty will be void if the product has; been used in an unapproved fashion, used in unsuitable environments, modified in any way, or misused.

    • Misuse includes; 

      • Clipping of amplifiers and/or input source signals

      • Running test signals ex. sine waves or sweeps for the purpose of SPL testing that is not supervised by a professional. Note that response sine sweeps for the purpose of room tuning and calibration is acceptable and encouraged. However, compression testing and SPL testing using sine waves and sweeps can overheat the unit and cause irreparable damage.

      • Hooking up to unsuitable mains power

      • Physical damage from dropping the unit dropping or spilling something on the unit

      • Storing or using the item in unstable and/or unsuitable environments that are dry or humid enough to cause damage

      • Exposure or use of chemicals and abrasives

      • Obtaining entry into the secured area of the DSP software will void warranty.

  5. Packaging must be kept for the warranty period, otherwise replacement packaging may need to be provided by Harbottle Audio for a fee. 

  6. If the customer provides packaging and it proves to be inadequate and damage occurs, the warranty is void.

  7. Items not covered by warranty include: B stock, prototypes, demo units, and review units.

  8. Harbottle is not liable for used items sold without full disclosure of the conditions of warranty or sale. 

  9. As they are raw plywood boxes, M Series cabinets are not covered by warranty. The customer to exercise due diligence and finish and seal the cabinet in a timely fashion.

  10. Harbottle Audio is not liable for the damage of raw drivers and passive subwoofers due to misapplied design principals, user calculation errors, DSP settings that can clip the driver, or amplifiers that are not customer tested to ensure suitability to the customer specified design.

    • Warranty on Ridge Drivers applies to manufacturer defects only. ​

Order Policies

  1. As we guarantee performance of our equipment and this has been proved trustworthy, all sales are final.

  2. Deposits are not accepted.

    • Full payment up front allows us to invest into the build right away and fully allocate materials and manpower to your order.

    • Reduces the overhead, interest charges on materials, and keeps product costs as low as they can be. 

    • Prevents disorganization by letting us work on the project from start to finish without financial interruptions. 

  3. All product is made to order, manufacturing lead times are part of the order process and will vary. Posted lead times on product pages are only a guide.

  4. If an order is made on pre-released product, the payment is not refundable and cancellations are not accepted.

  5. As our product is made to order with a certain level of customization, cancellations and refunds are not accepted.

  6. As our product is made to order, the confirmation of payment is an implied agreement between parties that the product will be shipped within stated lead times barring any unforeseen or incalculable manufacturing delays. If the customer is not available to receive the product, they must provide an alternate shipping address with 2 weeks advance notice. Failure to notify Harbottle of changes in availability will result in any and all additional fees being charged back to the customer. As we provide lead times and routinely meet them with very few and minor delays, or delays that are beyond our control, we expect cooperation from our clients.

  7. If the customer is not available to receive the product, and an alternate shipping address is not available, storage fees of $75 per item per month for a maximum of 3 months will be applied. As we are not a storage facility, we highly recommend that alternate shipping arrangements are made.

  8. If the customer does not return phone calls or emails on order completion updates within 10 business days after the order is complete, storage fees will be applied at the monthly rate. 

  9. If the customer is unreachable and does not reply within 3 months, the order and money paid will be forfeit and the item will become the property of Harbottle Audio and may be sold to another party.

  10. Ridge Audio raw drivers presale:

    • All orders are First come, First served.

    • Expect to receive an invoice at any time during the registration window. 

    • The total sale quantity must be filled before construction begins.

    • Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the registration form is considered an intent to do business..

    • Not paying the invoice gives Harbottle the right to carefully consider conducting future business with the individual.

    • The build for the presale items will start after the group buy is closed. 

    • Shipping can be estimated by request. Contact us for shipping estimates before committing to the presale if shipping costs are a concern.

    • Shipping charges will be recalculated at the time of invoicing.

    • When the presale is filled, you will be invoiced and expected to paid the amount owing.

    • Registered customers for presale items are considered to be committed buyers. Any invoice issued that is not paid within the stated time frame will be written off as a bad debt and will affect other buyers. Please be courteous.

  11. Confirmation of your order is at the time when payment for the order clears. 

  12. All items are hand built in Canada and are subject to manufacturing lead times.

  13. Payment terms are upon receipt of the invoice plus 7 days.

  14. Payment methods are available in the invoice.

  15. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is considered to be a show of intent to do business.

Customer Notices

  1. Harbottle is committed to delivering our customer orders with open lines of communication.

  2. We do not conduct business on social media or on messaging platforms; all sales inquires must be conducted through email.

  3. We will answer questions through text SMS or our WhatsApp account as we are able. All communications on WhatsApp or text are not official and are not referred to for order purposes. Please note that there is a possibility that your text message or WhatsApp message may be missed or not replied to.

  4. Third party shipping or freight must be conducted through the purchaser. Harbottle Audio does not take responsibility for customer directed shipping and freight arrangements.

  5. Our customers can expect:

    • Follow up phone calls and emails on or around the day of delivery and after.​

    • Candid conversations about their product and audio system goals.

    • Advise to an appropriate degree.

  6. All Harbottle product is engineered for the purpose of fitting our engineering model: "Low Distortion and Low Compression". As this engineering model governs our quality control measures, corners will not be cut.

  7. Harbottle Audio does not engage in "comparison shopping" our product against other commercial offerings. Comparing our product to other commercial offerings involves the purposeful misapplication of data and thus is a false representation of our product, which is tantamount to misleading the customer and/or falsely advertising our product.

  8. Subwoofer setup:

    1. The client is responsible for the setup and integration of the subwoofer.

    2. Harbottle does not offer advise or assistance with AVR's or processor units. Please contact the manufacturer.

  9. DIY notices:

    1. We will not help a diyer replicate the exact unit performance. To do this is a conflict of interest with our finished product.

    2. You can buy our drivers for diy use but the advantage of diy is that you can tailor the final product to meet your needs, and is intrinsically part of the diy process to determine for yourself (with or without the help if the diy community) what your needs are, design or find the enclosure and amplification to suit.  

    3. If the customer would like the same or even higher level of customization that is possible but without having to do it yourself, you can turn to the Made to Measure systems we offer or to Funk Audio as that is what these services offer.

    4. All diy direction is contained in the FAQ section of out website, and it is full of information that has been proven to help many people make the key decisions for their diy project.

  10. Harbottle Audio does not have a sales department and will never have a sales department.

  11. Harbottle Audio will always take the time to teach customers the engineering principals that make our product different.

  12. Harbottle Audio does not push customers to buy product.

  13. The client is encouraged to read the Engineering LDLC section of the website in order to fully understand the engineering of Harbottle product.

  14. Client information including country of origin, and all information relating to the clients interests is strictly confidential.

    1. Clients that commission work from Harbottle Audio have a right to privacy and that right is honored by Harbottle regardless if the customer exercises that right.

    2. All design commissions are prefaced with a Confidentiality Agreement that protects the transaction of information and sets the stage for the client to purchase the confidential information free from bias.

    3. We firmly believe that these measures maximize the clients earning potential by allowing them the protected right to converse freely with Harbottle without fear of mismanagement of the client/designer relationship.

    4. Access to client information is only permitted by court order.

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