Shipping, Performance, and Damage

  1. Shipping costs are calculated at the time of quote, and are subject to change at the time of invoicing.

  2. Shipping quotes are valid for 30 days.

  3. Harbottle Audio reserves the right to change or alter the terms of the quote or the quote itself.

    1. ​The quote may increase or decrease due to market fluctuations.

  4. Duties and Customs fees are not included, please check with your local government for import fees​.

  5. ​All shipments must be inspected at the time of arrival.

  6. Obvious damage must be reported within 48 hours and the package must be refused.

  7. Non-obvious damage or performance issues must be reported within 30 days .

  8. Damage of any kind or performance issues not reported within said time allotment will not be taken into consideration

  9. The customer is responsible for return shipping for warranty examination: if the item is determined to be faulty due to manufacture error, the customer will be fully reimbursed the incurred shipping costs.

  10. Reimbursement does not cover duties or government imposed charges.

  11. Warranty issues are determined by the sudden drop in performance and are subject to thorough examination by the manufacturer.

  12. The customer is fully responsible for accurately determining the end use and function of the product.

    1. ​to determine the power handling of the driver based on application, you must model the driver with the desired crossover and determine if it is suitable for your application.

  13. Harbottle Audio is not liable for the damage of drivers due to misapplied design principals.

  14. Satisfaction is defined as the product conforming to LDLC and delivering the performance stated within the product description.


Order Information

  1. Deposits are not accepted on standard product due to the product having very little customization options.

    • Full payment up front allows us to invest into the build right away and fully allocate materials and manpower to your order.

    • Reduces the overhead, interest charges on materials, and keeps product costs as low as they can be. 

    • Prevents disorganization by letting us work on the project from start to finish without financial interruptions. 

  2. If a order is made on pre-released product, a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be accepted.

    • Some special considerations may apply. Please contact us via email to discuss further.

  3. As our product is made to order with a certain level of customization, if an order is canceled, a refund will be subject to restocking fees and/or financial considerations to be determined at the time of the cancelation. This is largely dependent on what situational factors at the time, and so cancelations are handled on a per-instance basis.

Customer Notices

  1. Harbottle is committed to delivering our customer orders with full build transparency and open lines of communication with our customers.

  2. Our customers can expect:

    • Follow up phone calls and emails on or around the day of delivery and after.​

    • Candid conversations about their product and audio system goals.

    • Advise

    • Inquiries about their likes and hobbies for the purpose of curating custom gifts for their Carbon Series product.  

  3. All Harbottle product is engineered for the purpose of fitting our engineering model: "Low Distortion and Low Compression"

  4. Harbottle Audio does not engage in "comparison shopping" our product against other commercial offerings. Comparing our product to other commercial offerings involves the purposeful misapplication of data and thus is a false representation of our product, which is tantamount to misleading the customer and/or falsely advertising our product

  5. Harbottle Audio does not have a sales department

  6. Harbottle Audio will always take the time to teach customers the engineering principals that make our product different

  7. Harbottle Audio does not push customers to buy product

  8. The client is encouraged to read the Engineering LDLC section of the website in order to fully understand the engineering of Harbottle product

  9. Client information including country of origin, and all information relating to the clients interests is strictly confidential

    1. Clients that commission work from Harbottle Audio have a right to privacy and that right is honored by Harbottle regardless if the customer exercises that right

    2. All design commissions are prefaced with a Confidentiality Agreement that protects the transaction of information and sets the stage for the client to purchase the confidential information free from bias

    3. We firmly believe that these measures maximize the clients earning potential by allowing them the protected right to converse freely with Harbottle without fear of mismanagement of the client/designer relationship

    4. Access to client information is only permitted by court order