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  1. Satisfaction is defined as the product conforming to LDLC and delivering the performance stated within the product description, which is determined at the time of shipping.

  2. 4 Year non transferable.

  3. Warranty issues are determined by the sudden drop in performance and are subject to thorough examination by the manufacturer.

  4. The customer is responsible for return shipping and insurance costs for warranty examination: if the item is determined to be faulty due to manufacture error, the customer will be fully reimbursed the incurred shipping costs. If the item is found to be sound and in working order as per the intended design, the customer will be charged shop rate for diagnostics plus shipping costs inclusive of all applicable taxes. 

  5. Warranty will be void if the product has; been used in an unapproved fashion, used in unsuitable environments, modified in any way, or misused.

  6. Misuse includes; 

    1. Clipping of amplifiers and/or input source signals

    2. Running test signals ex. sine waves or sweeps for the purpose of SPL testing that is not supervised by a professional. Note that response sine sweeps for the purpose of room tuning and calibration is acceptable and encouraged. However, compression testing and SPL testing using sine waves and sweeps can overheat the unit and cause irreparable damage.

    3. Hooking up to unsuitable mains power

    4. Physical damage from dropping the unit dropping or spilling something on the unit

    5. Storing or using the item in unstable and/or unsuitable environments that are dry or humid enough to cause damage

    6. Exposure or use of chemicals and abrasives

    7. Obtaining entry into the secured area of the DSP software will void warranty.

  7. Packaging must be kept for the warranty period, otherwise replacement packaging may need to be provided by Harbottle Audio for a fee. 

  8. If the customer provides packaging and it proves to be inadequate and damage occurs, the warranty is void.

  9. Items not covered by warranty include: B stock, prototypes, demo units, and review units.

  10. Harbottle is not liable for used items sold without full disclosure of the conditions of warranty or sale. 

  11. Harbottle Audio is not liable for the damage of raw drivers and passive subwoofers due to misapplied design principals, user calculation errors, DSP settings that can clip the driver, or amplifiers that are not customer tested to ensure suitability to the customer specified design.

    1. Warranty on Cassini Raw Drivers applies to manufacturer defects only. ​

    2. Verification of design must be handled by an audio professional.

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