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Harbottle technical representatives are certified by Harbottle Audio to calibrate and integrate any Harbottle or Funk Audio brand speaker or subwoofer.

In addition, they offer a wide variety of services and skills, from ground up design to calibrating a single subwoofer. 

Edmonton Canada

National Audio Video

Kent Dudley

+1 (780) 454-4288

Cassini Bass Systems

Southern California USA

Networker Cinema Services

Robert Rudolph

+1 (310) 944-9110

Cassini Bass Systems


Harbottle Audio

Cody Hiebert

All Cassini Product

Texas USA

Bison HTA

Jeff Mery

Cassini Bass Systems

San Fransisco USA

Acoustic Frontiers

Nyal Mellor

+1 (415) 524-8741

Hypersub: a Harbottle and Acoustic Frontiers product

USA & Canada

Foresight Industries

Edric Taira

+1 (808) 478-3685

Car and Yacht custom build and design services

Raw DriverAnchor
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