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We are audio professionals that design and build audio gear with OCD levels of quality control. Harbottle Audio is a manufacturer of extreme quality speakers and subwoofers in the international market for home and studio including; extreme subwoofers, crystal clear loudspeakers and high-tech DSP amplifiers.

Harbottle Audio | High-End Audio Equipment | Home & Studio

We can all hear a difference between mediocre audio and good audio. Afterall, poor sound quality is quite obvious. The difference between good and great audio, however, can be disguised. That is where many consumers are left feeling like they made a good purchase, only to be disappointed when they begin using their high-end” audio equipment regularly. How is it possible for so many audio equipment providers to be able to hide the inadequate quality of their sound? Ultimately, a lack of sufficient standards.

While we can hear the differences between good and bad, the difference between good and great is best measured. In quantifying great sound quality, it can be actually guaranteed. Doing so is time consuming for audio manufacturers. It also adds a layer of accountability many don’t believe is worthwhile. Harbottle Audio sets the standard for premium audio equipment with exceptional sound quality. Not only do they set a standard backed by physics, but they guarantee it.

Being the provider of high-end audio equipment that is truly unmatched comes with great responsibility. Responsibility Harbottle takes pride in. No other audio companies have intentionally established a set of strict standards they can hold themselves to.

The “industry standard” does not give consumers reliable sound quality. Consumers need (and deserve) a better set of standards to assure they are getting what they pay for. That is precisely what Harbottle Audio has done. Even more, they guarantee their high-end audio equipment will perform exceptionally well in the long run. Here are the guarantees Harbottle Audio proudly gives their clients: (scroll down)

Harbottle Audio | High-End Audio Equipment | Home & Studio

Xmax Guarantee

Sometimes, we want to turn the volume up as loud as we can to thoroughly enjoy a song or movie. When you turn your premium audio equipment up to as close to the maximum as you can, you should be able to expect a consistent level of quality. Without an Xmax Guarantee, equipment simply isn’t tested at the varying levels it will undoubtably be enjoyed at. Harbottle Audio will only deem a piece of high-end audio equipment “complete” if they know, with confidence, the sound quality is unwavering. That is the Xmax guarantee. Learn more about their Xmax Guarantee via our YouTube channel, where they covered Xmax in-depth in a recent series.

1% Guarantee

There are many things the average audio consumer is blind to in the high-end audio equipment industry. Unfortunately, one of those things is the fact that the industry standards allow for variability in the audio quality from one product to the next. That is true even within the same brand. The 1% Guarantee Harbottle Audio gives their clients is a promise. That promise is that their products all reliably provide the same level of exceptional sound quality. Output, distortion, and compression are always the same – guaranteed.

LDLC Guarantee

The LDLC Guarantee Harbottle Audio provides clients truly sets Harbottle apart. LDLC stands for Low Distortion Low Compression. It’s a term that Harbottle created. With LDLC comes a set of manufacturing laws that govern the production of Harbottle’s high-end audio equipment. The LDLC Guarantee is ultimately what makes the Xmax Guarantee and 1% Guarantee possible. Founded in physics, the LDLC is comprised of the five fundamentals Harbottle Audio Company uses to hold themselves accountable to unrivaled audio quality.

Harbottle Audio | High-End Audio Equipment | Home & Studio
High-End Audio Equipment That Outlasts and Outperforms

The premium audio equipment industry is vast. There are a myriad of different manufacturers, each stating their products are the best. As a consumer diligently searching for the highest quality audio, it’s easy to feel lost. Marketing is a powerful tool. One that can, unfortunately, be deceptive. Simply because one audio manufacturer has a marketing powerhouse advertising their products does not mean they are the best. With that said, they certainly seem the most enticing to the average consumer.

The best indicator of quality with audio equipment is the guarantees a company provides (or doesn’t provide). If they are confident in the engineering and physics used to create their products, you can be confident, too. While marketing can ultimately tell any story it needs to, physics cannot be fabricated. They are black and white, requiring precision in the production process to produce high-quality equipment. The Harbottle Audio Company holds themselves to quality that can be proven in science. That leads to high-end audio equipment with reliably exceptional sound quality – guaranteed.

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