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Full bodied and detailed bass to a degree that is far beyond industry standards.


A fully active 21 inch subwoofer system will full 64 bits multi-mode digital processing DSP and 121 dB dynamic range is the extreme performance and fidelity subwoofer dream. Loaded with proprietary LDLC innovation, each driver featurers an extreme linear inductance neodymium motor, 5 inch voice coil, solid carbon fiber cone and capable of getting way past Xmax stroke limit without audibly compressing or distorting, leading to extremely high efficiency characteristics. This is not a klippel measured DSP tweak, this is real stroke, real mechanical engineering where simulations have very little to do with the finished result.

Newton's Third Law: Action & Reaction. For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Because of this law, the very definition of an efficiency loss within a speaker is compression. This is a law of our physical universe that a rating service can not circumvent. What truly matters is the guarantee of full usable stroke and the guarantee that you can use it. This means we are the only subwoofer manufacturer that guarantees that our equipment will perform past Xmax to a degree of clarity and accuracy that is currently beyond the industry standard. The explosions are more visceral, the subtle details more present, the transients have zero overhang, and you are free to enjoy audio bliss.


Physical and Component Specifications

Output at 2m Ground Plane (4Pi)

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