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The Brown Cinema

Gary Brown is on the trajectory to round out his theater with a lot of our subs and some stellar acoustic treatments and Focal additions. It's been really cool to see the changes and to be part of the project.

He is also talking about our group buy, and it's cool because he was one of the last dudes through the door on our first group buy because he just wanted to try out and M18S and see. Well, since that buy the M18S design has been sold and we are allowed to build some as support products for current owners, and I guess he liked his first one because he bought a second and a 222D amp to round out the package.

What I get from this is that he is a client who believes in our company, and that is privilege.

Here are his latest two videos. If you are curious about tech, gear, and acoustics, Gary is a good source of info.

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